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Determined Hackensack sexual harassment lawyers fight for the remedies you deserve

Cash payments and court orders to stop mistreatment

If you have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, state and federal law may provide appropriate remedies for the abuse you’ve endured, including:

  • Compensation for economic losses
  • Compensation for emotional distress
  • Punitive damages, if the employer’s conduct was particularly egregious
  • Court order to end the abusive conduct
  • Court order to undo retaliatory actions, which may include reinstatement after wrongful termination
Under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, there are no statutory limits on damage amounts that a plaintiff can recover.

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Sexual harassment isn’t just demeaning — it’s against the law.
  • What is sexual harassment?

    Know how to recognize unlawful behavior

    When someone in a position of authority pressures a subordinate into providing unwanted sexual attention, this is quid pro quo sexual harassment. In some cases, the harasser might try to tempt the victim by offering work-related benefits, such as a job, bonus or promotion. Other times, a person might be threatened with firing or demotion if they refuse to give the supervisor what he or she wants.

    This conduct is illegal under federal and state law and can give rise to a claim even if the targeted person doesn’t give in to the pressure. Relief is also available in cases where improper statements, images or conduct create a hostile work environment that prevents a person from performing their job duties in a peaceful manner.

    Types of sexual harassment claims
  • Is your workplace unbearable because of unwanted sexual conduct?

    You might have a case of hostile work environment sexual harassment

    A hostile work environment exists when unwanted, offensive conduct of a sexual nature creates an oppressive atmosphere that interferes with an employee’s ability to do their job. The mistreatment can come from one or more co-workers or a supervisor, and it may involve language, pictures, gestures, touching, or other types of offensive behavior.

    Even if you’re not specifically being targeted, our attorneys can help determine if the misconduct affecting you entitles you to legal relief. We’ll conduct a thorough review to find evidence of severe or pervasive misbehavior that is impeding your right to work in peace.

    Elements of a hostile work environment action
  • Retaliation against someone who files a claim is illegal

    Take action against employers who demote or fire victims

    Retaliating against someone who files a sexual harassment claim is against the law. Even if the underlying case is not actionable, someone who is fired, demoted or otherwise punished because they’ve lodged a complaint is entitled to relief.

    We know how to cut through the phony excuses that employers make up when they take adverse, retaliatory actions against workers who complain of, or oppose, discrimination.

    Learn more about unlawful retaliation
  • Steps to take when experiencing sexual harassment

    Assembling evidence keeps your case from become a “he said, she said” stalemate

    Sexual harassment claims require proof to corroborate allegations, so your case is not simply your word against another’s. If you’re being subjected to sexual harassment at work, you need to take reasonable steps to create a paper trail to bolster your case:

    • Voice your discontent by telling the harasser(s) to stop the unwelcome treatment.
    • Report the incident to your manager, HR department and the harasser’s manager(s).
    • Create a journal to document events as they happen.
    • Follow up verbal statements with written correspondence, such as email.
    • Don’t simply complain of “harassment” or mistreatment, which is not illegal per se, but specify that it is sexual harassment, which is illegal.
    If these actions do not end the harassment, or if the harassment escalates, contact Deutsch Atkins immediately. We can provide guidance to help end the conduct and enable you to protect your civil rights under state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

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