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Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

New Jersey Lawyers Handle Retaliation Claims Relating to Harassment

Employment attorneys seek justice for victims of negative job actions

Instances of workplace sexual harassment often go unreported for years — or are never brought to light at all — because victims fear retaliation. Even when a worthy claim exists, employees don’t want to risk a firing, demotion or pay cut. If you’ve suffered retaliation after making a harassment complaint, it’s important to know that any adverse job action taken because you complained is illegal. At Deutsch Atkins, P.C. we fight for New Jersey and New York clients who have been harmed by sexual harassment and the negative treatment that occurs once a claim is filed. No matter how strong your claim is, employers will try to assert a nonretaliatory reason for their decision. That’s why you need a proven employment lawyer to support your case.

Respected advocates outline the legal elements of a retaliation case

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the government agency charged with handling sexual harassment claims of workers, found that 75 percent of harassment victims cited retaliation after they reported harassment, even though it is barred under federal law. To prove your case in court, you must show that you took a protected action, such as filing a sexual harassment complaint with your human resources department, and then experienced a negative job consequence because of it. This could be a salary reduction, cut in hours, a dismissal or even retaliatory harassment. Often, the toughest part is proving the link between the report of sexual harassment and the punishment that resulted. Our firm will work tirelessly to establish a connection in proceedings before the EEOC, a federal agency, or in court.

Accomplished firm protects people targeted for reporting sexual misconduct

Many steps can be taken to prevent retaliatory acts and to hold offenders and companies accountable when they act improperly, including:

  • Defining harassment — Despite an increased awareness of sexual harassment over the past few decades, unlawful behavior and scare tactics continue. Predators take advantage of the fact that workers are often unsure about what behavior crosses the legal line. By setting clear boundaries, and ensuring that victims who report misconduct are protected, positive steps can be taken.
  • Pinpointing trouble spots — Certain worksites and industries are more conducive to sexual harassment problems, and retaliation often is the cause. When one person is punished for making a complaint, countless other victims are likely to remain silent. Aggressive action is required when a culture of intimidation exists.
  • Making education a priority — If you ask Americans about the training they’ve received in this area, many would refer to an annual seminar or video that makes a few obvious points. A cursory review of obvious points doesn’t have much benefit for targeted workers or companies, who lose millions of dollars each year in these matters. It’s essential that executives, managers and workers have detailed guidance on how to handle these situations.

If you’ve been retaliated against for complaining about workplace harassment, you have rights. From start to finish, our firm gives victims comprehensive legal support in retaliation claims arising from instances of sexual harassment and other types of discrimination.

Contact an experienced New Jersey employment lawyer when your claim results in retaliation

Deutsch Atkins, P.C. represents New Jersey and New York workers who have been victimized by sexual harassment and the retaliation that occurs after inappropriate behavior is reported. Please call (201) 498-0900 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our office in Hackensack, located across the street from the Bergen County Courthouse.



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    Deutsch Atkins, P.C. represents New Jersey plaintiffs in sexual harassment cases and other employment matters. Please call (201) 498-0900 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Hackensack office, located across the street from the Bergen County Courthouse.

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