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Quid Pro Quo Claims

New Jersey Sexual Harassment Lawyers Litigate Quid Pro Quo Claims

Attorneys represent employees who have been pressured for sexual favors

Quid pro quo sexual harassment (or “this for that” sexual harassment) occurs when a superior requires a subordinate to submit to unwelcome sexual conduct as a condition of the job, to receive some work benefit, or to avoid some adverse employment action. At Deutsch Atkins, P.C., our experienced New Jersey sexual harassment attorneys represent victims of this illegal conduct and help them seek damages for the harm they have suffered. We file appropriate claims against the companies (and sometimes the perpetrators) who might be liable for such actions. If your boss has pressured you for sexual attention on the condition that you’ll receive a benefit — or be denied one if you don’t acquiesce to the demands — we will help you enforce your rights.

Advocates seek financial recovery for victims of workplace mistreatment

Throughout New Jersey, our sexual harassment lawyers litigate all types of quid pro quo claims, including those involving:

  • Threats of firing or other punishment — If you’ve been subjected to an unwanted sexual advance from a superior and, after rebuffing the advance, suffered a negative job consequence, you may have a case. Negative consequences can include termination, demotion, the denial of a promotion or raise, being forced to work unpaid overtime, being given a poor performance review, or getting dead-end assignments.
  • Offers of additional benefits — Just as supervisors cannot punish or threaten an employee who refuses their sexual advances, they are also barred from providing benefits to workers who comply with their overtures. We represent individuals who have been offered promotions, bonuses and other inducements from harassing bosses.
  • Job applicants — You do not have to be hired to experience quid pro quo sexual harassment. If a potential employer indicates that providing sexual favors will get you a job or will be part of your job, our lawyers can bring a claim on your behalf.

If you have been subjected to this sort of treatment, our accomplished discrimination attorneys work diligently to obtain a financial recovery that fully accounts for the harm you have suffered.

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Deutsch Atkins, P.C. represents New Jersey plaintiffs in quid pro quo claims and sexual harassment actions. Please call 201.498.0900 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Hackensack office, located across the street from the Bergen County Courthouse.

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    Deutsch Atkins, P.C. represents New Jersey plaintiffs in sexual harassment cases and other employment matters. Please call (201) 498-0900 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Hackensack office, located across the street from the Bergen County Courthouse.

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